Construction Supervision and Inspection Specialists

Durham’s Inspection Service, Inc. (DISI) would like to take this opportunity to familiarize you with our organization as well as other types of services we have to offer.

*From Left to Right: Owner’s father, Bill Durham in early 30’s gas welding before electric machines were around – Gaviota

Refinery in California – Owners uncle, Marvin Durham in early days of pipeline welding using gas – Wind tower blades ready for shipment

DISI was formed in 1981 and is a Small, Women Owned, Louisiana Corporation.

We hope that you will consider DISI when searching for an inspection company that has the experience and personnel qualified to cover projects of all sizes and types related to the Oil & Gas, Energy, Construction, Manufacturing, and Wind Energy industries.

Durham's Inspection Service, Inc. would like to be placed on your approved vendor list and would appreciate your contacting us to discuss your present and/or future inspection needs. If you should have any questions regarding our company or the enclosed information, please do not hesitate to call us direct at (337) 948-6874 or send us an E-Mail note at


Durham Inspection was established in 1981 to provide vendor surveillance and onsite inspection to the oil industry. Since that time we have added areas of inspection/construction supervision as referenced above.

We contribute our success to our strict policy of conducting thorough background searches on inspectors prior to proposing them to our clients.

Just like so many other companies, we have had good years as well as bad. However, we have managed to stay in business for 38 years. I would like to explain our philosophy on how we managed to do so.


UNDERSTANDING OUR CLIENTS NEEDS is the foundation for satisfying our clients. We strive to understand the project and to match up the job with the representative we supply. Normally, one person can’t know it all; consequently we match the correct person for each assignment. Having a little knowledge of several different crafts is helpful. However, one should have expertise in the craft of which he is mainly involved in. This is obtained by education, years of experience or both.

ESTABLISHING A FAIR RATE to charge our client for the representative. Most clients have their own limits as to what they plan to spend on temporary personnel. We normally have a very good idea what rates are being paid to construction representatives. We also know that the better people are going to get top pay. This of course has a direct affect on what we must charge.

GETTING THE BEST OF THE BEST representatives is possible. As mentioned above, we know that these people demand top pay. We found out a long time ago that we had much more success if we cut our profit margin down and paid the representative somewhat more than is the norm.

We also found that if the person doing the work in the field is satisfied with the way they are paid and treated, the better they will perform and the more likely they are to stay on the job to the finish.

DISI QUALITY ASSURANCE is accomplished by keeping abreast of the job the representative is doing, monitoring the reporting and making periodic unannounced visits to observe first hand what is going on and to assist where necessary.

COST EFFECTIVENESS is possible by utilizing inspectors nearest the vicinity to where the work is being done. We have inspectors in most key areas in the USA. This would include cities in Texas (Houston, Odessa, Wichita Falls, Dallas, Long view and others), Louisiana, Maine, California, Oklahoma, and several others.

SAFETY AND INCENTIVES is something that DISI promotes very earnestly. This, of course, helps to keep our costs down. More importantly, we have employees that go home to their families healthy. Although it is realized that even one accident is too many, we are very proud of the fact that we have had but four lost time accidents and no deaths in our 25 years of business.

Tailgate meetings are encouraged on all jobs to discuss the day’s activities, the related dangers that can be present and ways to avoid accidents.

DISI has an excellent Drug and Alcohol Program. Our entire construction representatives pass a D&A test prior to hiring them. We also conduct spot checks to make certain we have safe, drug free people on the job. We are listed with NCMS AND NET WORLD as an approved vendor.

DISI always welcomes any suggestions that may improve our way of doing business. Please set aside some time to meet with us to discuss your needs and give us a chance to provide an outstanding service to you.


DISI provides inspection/construction management/expediting services of all crafts associated with the Oil & Gas, Energy, Construction, Manufacturing, and Wind Energy industries. This would include, but not necessarily be limited to Field Repairs to Wind Towers, Station Work, Platforms, Living Quarters, Heliports, Corrosion/Erosion, Generator Packages, Skid Mounted Equipment, Plant Construction, Pipelines, Valve Settings, Odorizing Station Construction, Remote Controlled Booster Stations, Fiber Optic, Civil, Welding, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Blasting, Coating, Vendor Surveillance, Shop Surveys, Down-Hole, Environmental, Wind Towers, Civil and others on an as needed basis for domestic and overseas assignments.


Our first overseas assignment was awarded us in 1987 by Chevron Overseas Production, Inc. This was for work being conducted in Angola West Africa, Zaire, Nigeria, Dubi, Durban, China and South America. This included providing construction representatives involved in onshore refinery facilities, offshore pipelines and platforms. We have since provided inspection for Texaco, Inc. in Angola on their Bagre Project and skid mounted equipment fabricated for installation in Nigeria.

DISI has also provided supervisors/trainers for Chevron’s Municipal Building Project in Angola. We have also been invited to participate in the bidding process for their Maintenance Services and Supervision and Management Services Contracts.

Please follow this link for our Customers List and Projects Experience document.