Our Safety Programs and Informational Resources

DISI works alongside ISNetworld and the Defense Information System Agency (DISA) of the United States, we do our best to maintain our first responsibility—the safety of our employees at Durham’s Inspection Service, Inc. For this purpose, we established a program to foster a safe, healthy work environment.

Taking control of and eliminating potential safety and health hazards is our primary objective. Our management team will provide the necessary resources to carry out the safety measures of the program and comply with all applicable federal, state, and local requirements.


We appoint quality and safety managers as well as supervisors at every level to be accountable for the implementation and enforcement of policies and procedures. These are set in place to encourage employees to maintain an accident-free workplace, as well as to be on constant alert for unsafe practices and conditions and to take action to eliminate them.

In turn, every employee must accept the responsibility to prevent injuries both to themselves and others. This can be accomplished by following the safety policies and procedures as outlined in this program.

Employee Conduct and Safety

The safety and conduct of our employees is an important concern to us at Durham’s Inspection Service, Inc. To help in ensuring the safety of all of those who work here and to properly maintain an orderly and efficient job operation, we have provided a reasonable code of rules for the guidance and observance of all personnel.

Durham’s Inspection Service, Inc. will enforce the rules, regulations, and privileges that are included in our operating code impartially upon all employees. We wish to emphasize to each employee the fact that their cooperation with the guidelines is expected and appreciated.

With a high rate of employee compliance to this policy—which has the full support of the management—a reduction in accidents and unnecessary losses should occur. This will, in turn, make our company more competitive in the market and ensuring that our employees can return home safely to their families.

Our safety program covers the following topics:

  • Assured Equipment Grounding Safety Plan
  • DISI Abrasive Blasting
  • DISI Confined Space Entry Program
  • DISI Daily Forklift Inspection
  • DISI Electrical Safety
  • DISI Fall-Construction
  • DISI Fire Prevention Program
  • DISI General Safety Rules
  • DISI Hearing Conservation
  • DISI Hydrogen Sulfide Program
  • DISI Near-Miss
  • DISI Respiratory Protection
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Process Safety Management Safety Plan
  • DISI Field Service Anti-Drug Plan Prevention
  • Cranes and Hoist Safety
  • DISI Bloodborne Pathogen Program
  • DISI Contractor Safety Program
  • DISI Disciplinary Policy
  • DISI Excavation
  • DISI Fall-General
  • DISI First Aid
  • DISI Hazard Communications
  • DISI Hot Work Safety Procedure
  • DISI Lockout-Tagout (LOTO)
  • DISI Personal Protective Equipment
  • DISI Scaffolding
  • Ladder Safety
  • Tool Safety Program
  • DISI Field Service Alcohol Misuse

Get a Copy of Our Topics

Please contact us at (337) 948-6874 if you would like to obtain a copy of any of our safety program’s topics. We look forward to hearing from you.